What Is a Travel Grant?

A student may want to pursue further studies abroad to provide more depth to his current field of study or embark on a new course. However, not many are able to do this because they do not have the financial capability to do so. College or university students who cannot afford to study overseas but desire to do so may apply for travel grants.

Students who currently study a college course or a degree program in a university may be able to take advantage of travel grants, which allow them to enter school programs and study related courses overseas. Travel grants also provide college or university students the opportunity to participate in meetings, conferences and other special events in schools abroad.
There are a number of basic types of grants, which include major grants, program-based funding and regional grants. The classification of these grants connotes the experience of the applicant, the depth of study and the venue for overseas education.

Grants of this kind benefit students who have to accomplish a related project or undertake a relevant field of study that requires traveling. The study and travel are taken care of by funds released through what is known as a travel grant, fellowship or travel scholarship.

Prior to applying for a travel scholarship, a student must have the necessary qualifications such a grant requires. Prerequisites for travel grants may include field experience, degrees, grade-point averages and so on. If a student meets these requirements, then he needs to consider the locations open to him for travel, as well as the potential courses hye wishes to study or projects he wants to undertake there. For example, a student can undertake an in-depth investigation on environmentally-friendly recycling options in third-world countries and compare the development of the technology of the available recycling facilities to those of more developed nations. Extensive research must also be accomplished on the potential subject or field of study before considering a travel grant.

Once the crux and purpose of a student’s prospective travel scholarship has been decided, he can then consult with advisers and use other accessible resources his school provides. There are numerous support systems available, especially the resources that will help strengthen one’s application and aid in the processing of the request for a travel grant. One can even enlist aid in drafting a grant proposal, as it would take much time otherwise, not having any help in focusing one’s efforts. The same university or college one is presently in may even be able to provide travel grants and other opportunities for overseas study itself.
In general, a successful application for a travel grant, once approved, will help a student follow through an otherwise possibly inaccessible endeavor – broadening one’s academic horizons via experience in a foreign location, which is applicable for both the student and teacher who applies for a travel scholarship and allowing the selected student the privilege of participating in larger venues that reward those who pursue further academic excellence and widen the range of studies and research through shared findings.