Winning a College Golf Scholarship

Overview of College Golf Scholarship

With Tiger Woods and Michelle Wie as among the most influential athletes to date, golf is fast-turning into a phenomenal success. However, skilled golf players are no longer found in PGA tours alone but also in intercollegiate competitions. With golf scholarship to support their college education, more golf athletes are given the exposure and experience through the National Collegiate Athletic Association or NCAA and the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics or NAIA.

Golf is a mental game that counts on placing the ball in the hole with less number of shots. This sports, they say, is not a competition with other opponents on the vast field of golf courses but with one's self. It takes discipline, confidence, and strategy in able to win, while the challenge also comes from the unique design of each course.

From business executives to Hollywood celebrities, people are getting more hooked on this game. But not only that, more students are given a chance to afford college education through golf scholarships. Their skills as a golfer may turn out to be their best shot for a better future.

College Golf Scholarship in the United States

Although college golf scholarships don't usually offer a full-ride scholarship like those given to basketball and football varsity players, the additional college fund you'll get from this is enough to cover other educational expenses. Today, there are more than a hundred scholarship programs for college golf players.

The NCAA Division I hosts one of the toughest competition among the most prestigious universities in the country such as Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. These schools are not only known for the size of their student population but also for their academic reputation as one of the best providers of college education.

NCAA Division II, on the other hand, is comprised of smaller universities. However, competition is still intense in this level of athletic field. While Division III schools doesn't offer sports scholarships, Division II members are otherwise known for their active recruitment of student-athletes with financial aids, loans, and grants to offer.

Other golf scholarship programs are available through the NAIA. Although colleges and universities in this league are not as large as the NCAA, the NAIA also has great deals in store for college golf players who will represent the school in various tournaments.

Scholarships for Golf Players

Georgetown University hosts a wealth of scholarship opportunities for student-athletes in different sports field. Specifically for golf players, there are more than one scholarship program to choose from.

Mark "Buddy" Stuart Endowed Golf Scholarship
This program supports the recruitment of college golf players who will represent the school in intercollegiate competitions. However, there is no fixed amount to the scholarship grant.

The Nick Cook Award
This scholarship program is named after one of the best golf players, Nick Cook, who holds an amazing record for his scores. This scholarship grant is given to students who represent the ideals of respect, integrity, discipline, and sportsmanship in golf.

Graham Family Scholarship
Members of the golf team are the target of this scholarship program, which can either be an athletic scholarship or a grant based on financial need.

The Kenny Family Women's Golf Scholarship Endowment
This scholarship grant is dedicated to female players in the golf team.

John E. Kenny Sr. Endowed Golf Scholarship
This program is provided to George Town University business students who are members of the university's golf team.

Richard F. Barry Memorial Scholarship Endowment
The fund of this program goes to recruitment of skilled golf players who will best represent the school in various competitions.

Meanwhile, the Ohio State University also supports men's and women's golf through the Buckeye Pro-am Golf Scholarship Fund. Other sponsorships are provided through Grey Oaks Scholarship Fund, Robert B. Horton Athletic Scholarship Fund, and Al & Martha Phipps Athletic Scholarship Fund for women's golf. Men's golf, on the other hand, benefits from the Charles & Myrna Fazio Athletic Scholarship Fund, Chester G. & Lorena C. Hawley Athletic Scholarship Fund, "Bud" Hirsch Golf Scholarship Fund, L. Charles Nicklaus Golf Scholarship Fund, and Al & Martha Phipps Athletic Scholarship Fund.

You'll also find similar programs in various colleges and universities all across the country.

Qualifying for a College Golf Scholarship

There are plenty of other skilled players in the golf field. With more than a thousand applications competing for a scholarship, the only way you can score a hole in one in your recruitment as a student-athlete is through preparation. So, here are some of the things you should consider to qualify for a college golf scholarship:

1. Scholarship grants also consider academic merits in granting applicants their request for a golf scholarship. Others may even require a GPA not lower than 3.0 apart from proven athletic skills.

2. Your resume should include all relevant information such as a list of golf tournaments, summary of game results, and practice schedules.

3. Aside from official transcript of records, schools will also require letters of recommendation from the coach, a school official, or a teacher.

4. The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) result and test scores from other exams can affect the evaluation of your application.

5. Other sponsors may require submission of an essay or may ask for an interview as parts of the application process. In either case, it's best to always be clear with your goals and purpose as a student-athlete.

6. Photographs and video footages while playing or competing in golf tournaments can add plus points.

You can always hit two goals in one with college golf scholarships. While doing what you love best, you're also granted an opportunity to finish college and seek a more rewarding career not only in golf but also in other fields of interest. To secure a slot in any scholarship program, remember that patience and dedication really pay off.