Writing A Scholarship Application Essay

A college education can be one expensive journey to a better professional life in the future. Many students and their parents worry about how to get a trip to reputable colleges and universities. An admission scholarship is one of the most viable means that can be thought of to hitch a ride to college life but these are not easily given as promotional freebies or lottery prizes. Universities and colleges set strict criteria that prospective scholars must meet. The academic high school standing of students are taken considerably as a huge factor. Aside from other basic requirements, a scholarship application essay may be considered as your ticket to get into the college train.

Writing a scholarship application essay is a lot different from just writing something like a personal confession in your diary. It has to be well-prepared, coherent, readable, understandable, and most of all, convincing enough to make the college board consider your application for a scholarship.

It may be given already that you have written a number of essays during the duration of your high school education. However, a scholarship application essay is not simply an essay. It is your ticket to your future and with such responsibility, it must be written responsibly with considerable quality. To write a scholarship application essay entails a lot of thinking and rethinking, searching and researching, and of course, writing, and another of course, rewriting. So much so for just one essay, but that one essay is your one- way ticket to your scholarship.

Think about your future.

This is the first step that this article will recommend to you. Think about your future. This will make you dream, this will make you plan. This will make you aspire for your ambition and device an action to make you reach your goal. After this first step that makes you think of what is at stake, you will get enough motivation to write a very good scholarship application essay.

Have a conceptualization and brainstorming session.

After you have fantasized and realized what in the future lies, it is time to conceptualize. Fill your mind with lots of ideas. What experiences, events, insights, and thoughts can you write about? It should be clear to your mind that you should think of not only what you can write about but more so, what can you write about in a well-thought of and well-prepared manner.

Brainstorming can make ideas richer. Ideas can spawn more and more ideas. Let the ideas from brainstorming flood your paper.

Choose a topic.

After you have filled your mind with an abundance of ideas, choose the themes that you feel have the closest proximity to your inclinations. Pick out the theme closest to your heart and clearest to your mind. From this theme, form a number of topics. General topics may be thought of first. Pick one which you think is best for you to write about. Now, make that general topic more specific. Once you have zeroed in to your specific topic, make a topic sentence. This will be the main idea of your scholarship application essay.

Prepare an outline

From your topic sentence, form an outline. A conceptual outline may be an initial phase with you drawing out a beginning framework. A topic outline will enable you to plot out the main headings, the sub-headings, and the corresponding sections that will be the skeleton of your scholarship application essay. Form sentences for each entry to come up with a sentence outline. Your scholarship application essay is now having a shape.

Write a draft for your scholarship application essay

Now that you have an outline to serve as a guide as to how your scholarship application essay will flow out when written, proceed to drafting an initial primordial specimen.

In writing a draft, you may forgo of the rules of grammar first and just let your thoughts flow freely on paper or if you are typing on a computer, on the screen. If you are doing your essay using the latter manner, never mind if distracting red and green lines fill the screen. Correcting spelling mistakes and grammatical errors may hamper the flow of your creative juice. Write out your thoughts first and let it all out. Then, when all ideas or on the paper, filter them and write your first draft.

Revise your initial draft

This is where corrective measure comes in. The first revision must be concerned with producing a grammatically correct and misspelling-free version. Revision calls for an excellent vision, both of the eyes and of the mind.

Analyze your paragraphs. Do they make your scholarship application essay flow smoothly? Are the transitions not forced issues? Examine your sentences. Do they observe sentence unity and coherence? Do they all lead to supporting, supplementing, and affirming the main argument of your scholarship application essay?

Produce a final version

After revision and more revisions, the last step must lead to producing a final version. This master copy, this masterpiece of yours will now be your ticket to a college scholarship.